Data into Knowledge

Wireline Workshop offers the quality assurance, processing and analysis of geophysical wireline log data captured on mineral exploration and mining projects. The service includes on-site supervision, intervention, project management and training, worldwide.


Important advice on appropriate tool deployment early in a project provides the best chance of success. Wireline data are checked, corrected, analysed and presented to best effect. The logging contractor is monitored for equipment calibration, logging processes and borehole compensation.


Radiation safety and security training and independent on-site audits are a key service.

Wireline Workshop is a member of the Assegai Geophysics alliance. The members offer ground and airborne data acquisition, geophysical data interpretation and modelling for the natural resource exploration and mining industry.

Wireline Workshop offers a broad range of borehole logging services designed for mining and mineral exploration projects.


The company's management has over 70 years of experience and has operated in 30 countries in 6 continents.


Borehole logs should be precise measurements plotted to best effect the acquisition of knowledge. They should not just be poorly understood wiggly lines used for depth and thickness only. Wireline Workshop offers data capture but also planning, support and log analysis.

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