Borehole Imaging Services

Borehole Imaging Services

The latest optical and acoustic televiewer sondes offer such high resolution that older versions of these machines are rendered obsolete.

In some applications, the Downhole Camera Sonde offers a more relevant measurement.

Optical televiewer sonde with picked sinusoids on an orientated (left edge mag N) 360-degree borehole image.

Axial and Sideview Camera Sonde

In air or clean water, the optical televiewer will provide very high-resolution images offering both geotechnical and geological information

In water-filled boreholes, the acoustic televiewer is often the instrument to use because the water is usually opaque.

This televiewer sonde, based on the time and amplitude of reflected sonic pulses, is well suited to various geotechnical applications, since fractures and weak layers are very clearly defined on the image.

Acoustic Televiewer with, in the middle, a reflection-time image and on the far right, a reflected amplitude image.

The major skill requirement during data processing is the ability to recognise drilling-induced fractures and purge them from the analysis.

Wireline Workshop offers the latest televiewer technology from ALT in Luxembourg as well as an advanced dual function camera sonde.

Note: for high accuracy jobs, the acoustical 360-degree caliper measurement checked and recalibrated by the three-arm caliper sonde offers maximum log quality assurance as well as orientated borehole cross section every centimetre of borehole.