Data into Knowledge

Borehole Logging Service List


  • Borehole (Mag) Deviation
  • North-Seeking Gyro Deviation
  • Three-Arm Caliper
  • Natural Gamma Ray
  • Triple Density/Gamma/Caliper
  • Full Waveform Sonic
  • Acoustic Televiewer
  • Optical Televiewer
  • Dual Focussed Resistivity
  • Fluid Temperature
  • ATVFluid Conductivity
  • Impeller Flowmeter
  • Slim Thru-Pipe Dual Density



Wireline Workshop tooling is all state-of-the art with, for instance, very high resolution Acoustic and Optical televiewers. Final products are calibrated and crafted to represent the sought after mineral or rock mass in the best possible way.

Potash and uranium deposits are calibrated in KCl percentage and UPPM respectively and blocked zones are averaged using the "area under the curve" method to remove shoulder effects.

The new fibre optic north-seeking gyro sonde has major advantage over traditional surface reference designs. Each measurement is real and unique, not relying on drift correction and closure. A single measurement can be made if required.








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