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Mineral wireline logging, an offshoot of oilfield logging, is a process in which an electronic probe or “sonde” is lowered into a borehole in order to make measurements of physical rock mass properties and fluid properties. Measurements employ electro-magnetic fields (directly or induced), radiation (natural and introduced via a chemical source) and sonic energy to evaluate the rock mass without physically breaking it.


The sonde is lowered on a cable or “wireline” which transmits power to the sonde and data from it to the surface recording systems. These data are proportional to analogue voltages produced by various detector types. They must be calibrated and compensated for borehole effects in order to become quantitative measurements. Examples are natural gamma ray, density, sonic transit time and resistivity. Logs might describe or estimate the lithology, the local structure, rock strength, borehole direction and fluid parameters such as temperature and conductivity.


Wireline logs are routinely used in mineral exploration to describe coal seams in terms of depth, thickness and quality. They have applications in all forms of mineral exploration, including base and precious metal projects. The uses of logs in these environments, with the exception of density for iron ore grade estimation, tend to be qualitative in nature. Some significant processing and analysis might be required to extract maximum value from the data.


Wireline Workshop’s role is to increase the value gained from drilling projects by assisting in the choice of applicable measurements, their on-site data capture and calibration, data processing, analysis and reporting...turning data into knowledge.




List of Services


● Training in data capture (field operations)


● Training in logging theory and radiation safety


● Advising on logging modus operandi / planning field operations


● QA of logs and logging contractor's procedures (in the field)


● Intervention services (problem solving during operations)


● Data processing and presentation to best effect


● Log analysis and derivation of relevant outputs


● Formal project reporting with conclusions and recommendations


● Presentation of results


The services are offered worldwide from the company's base near Pretoria, South Africa.


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